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Gardens Outside La Alhambra #524

More Gardens Outside La Alhambra

View From La Alhambra of Granada

Mari & Tim & Bit of Rain La Alhambra

Street Building Granada

Street Buildings Granada Tim at Far Right(Wht Cap)

Mari Looking for Handouts? #633

We got up and out by 10 and via buses went to Granada & La Alhambra, the fortress/palace/town looking over Granada...did not realize its popularity, we should have booked entry tickets the day before on the internet...3 hours to get there, but at least we were able to get in to see the gardens! Going down via a bus was worth the trip, buses are built narrow to accomodate the single lane, steep, snaking streets of the old town! Great Indian/Kashmiri restaurant...cheeze/onion nan, papadom...great Indian food! Got back in time to schedule our ferry trip - Tarifa to Tangier - on line...leave here +/- 8 am tomorrow...

Learned some more French from gal here in hostel, at least I might be able to say ¨I would like to learn French¨ and ¨How do you say...¨ and point, ha!

Mari Laxmi here: Hola all! Had an unexpected surprize in Granada today. There is a beautiful old cathedral near the bus stop. Since we had some extra time due to not being able to go into the Alhambra palace area, I went to investigate. Turns out next to the cathedral is a chapel built as a burial place for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. My first time as a thesbian was in 4th grade playing Queen Isabella IN SPANISH!, because our class had the option to learn Spanish after school. What a thrill to give Columbus my handmade papermache emeralds! Anyway, here I was (Bonnie and Tim opted not to pay the 5 euro entrance fee) looking at the tomb of this important couple surrounded by opulance paid for by the gold and silver brought from the Americas. Many of their personal effects were there, e.g. Isabella's crown and clothes. Quite an interesting find. She was from Castille, he from Aragon in the north, yet here they are resting in Granada. I'm sure there is much more of a story there, but all for now. Hasta luego, amigos!

Mari here; Guess what? The mountains north of Granada are the Sierra Nevada; the originals.

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