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stormy weather leaving Ko Tao

nightmare night ferry back to mainland, squashed in like sardines!

Ko Phi Phi

Fish fingers, chips & beans in Little Britain cafe! Bad i know...

the girls

drunk again

me & thai boxer

Neil, Mike, Kellie & Katrina

more buckets....


tasty fishies

setting out to Maya Bay on camping trip

"The Beach" from the movie

setting up camp

beach football


Me & new friend Hannah-definitely an "oh my god" moment when we...

Bier & the lovely BBQ food





getting messy..

campfire & singing


lovely Thais


Mike, Paul, Mike


and even more buckets...

"The Beach" - pure paradise, but no Leonardo unfortunately!

long tail boat

Ko Phi Phi is famous mainly as one of the islands that got totally destroyed by the tsunami. This is evident immediately as you get off the boat as it is like a building site! So much building work being done even now, nearly 3 years later. The tsunami however did not ruin the beaches which are of course beautiful too and why there are still so many tourists that come here. The other reason it's famous as it's next to the small uninhabited island of Phi Phi Ley which is where the movie "The Beach" was filmed. You can take boat trips over to the island to see the beach (Maya Bay) but so many boats go over each day that there are always hundreds of tourists, totally ruining the paradise it's meant to be not to mention your photos! I'd met a couple of English guys, Neil & Mike on the bus over here and we heard about an overnight camping trip from some Thai's you could do over there...sounded a bit random, totally unorganised but like a last bit of an adventure for me so i managed to persuade them to go with me - the girls were not up for it! Thought i had made a very bad decision on the boat crossing over there - too many people in a small long-tail boat (only about 3 life jackets) and we headed right into a bad storm. The waves were HUGE, about twice as high as the boat and i though we were going to capsize for sure in which case we would have all been gonners. Felt very very unsafe and was panicking a lot thinking i was going to drown in my very last week. But we made it onto the island thank god, i was praying (the driver didn't really seem fazed though which was slightly reassuring, but not much!) but i was shaking and in much need of a drink! But I just wanted to go back (although too scared to go back on the water!) wished i hadn't persuaded everyone to come & just wanted to go home! Soon managed to relax though when the rain stopped, we set up camp and immediately the Thai guys who were organising it started handing out the whiskey buckets....needless to say a few buckets and a few hours later i was fine! We had so much fun and so glad i did it in the end. Met some lovely people, including a girl Hannah, when we got chatting i said i was from the Wirral, she says "Oh i know someone from the wirral" not thinking for one minute i'd know the person but turns out to be my cousin (Kate O!) - very small world! Had a great BBQ, campfire & singing, firedancing, the obvious drinking & games and then we all passed out in our tents pretty early! Fortunately the water was totally flat in the morning so a very smooth crossing back to Phi Phi & no need to be worried, although very glad all my boat rides are nearly over!

Had a few more nights out with everyone (been doing that a lot here) and some hungover beach days and somehow ran out of time (& money) for diving. Said lots of goodbyes and now time to make the long journey back to Bangkok for my flight to Hong Kong - last place before home!

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