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This was just the start of Rome

Piazza St Peter

Castle St. Angelo-Rome

Driving past the Coloseum

Ancient diggings everywhere-Rome

Arch of Constantine-Rome

Center of Rome

Cranes are over here to

Wednesday 3rd October 2007 Weather: - Warm-cooling breeze

(J) We are starting to settle in now and as you can see we have found an internet point not far from our apartment. Once in the building it is not too bad. The building has a very nice foyer; made out of different coloured marble and a very old fashion lift that is polished to perfection. Our apartment is on the 3rd floor. We need a front door key, one for the lift, one for the door that leads to 3 mini apartments and one for our front door that is locked like Fort Knox. In an emergency it will have to be out the window with a sheet tied as a parachute. One of the reasons that I was a bit upset was that it does not have satellite TV as promised, also the cleaner has not done her job, I had to scrub one pot for 5 min. before it was useable. The bathroom needs a good clean also. Now I know that we are not here to watch TV but if you have to catch a train to go anywhere of interest at night you may perhaps like to stay home some nights and after 5 weeks of twiddling Italian and German TV knobs it would be very relaxing to hear some English again.

We have found out that the Metro 'A' line closes at night at 9pm, it has been going on for the last two years and was supposed to be finished at the end of 2006. It would be nice if someone warned us as everywhere we looked it says 12:30pm. It will be a bit hard to go to dinner at night as dinner does not start until 7:30 with very relaxed (read slow) service so it is a bit of a stretch to go out to dinner at night and expect to catch the Metro home, we can catch a bus which but at the moment it is in the little bit too hard basket. Saying that we beat the buggers today, we tacked onto a very late lunch. In an effort to have a good meal today we got of the tour bus on the Via Veneto and sat at a sidewalk table and had a proper meal, finishing at about 4:30 pm so tonight we can make do with cheese and fruit at home. Our bed sags in the middle so in an effort to get some sleep I slept on the lounge last night and it is the best nights' sleep that I have had since leaving Lisette and Peters' house in Holland so a few nights on the lounge may be in order.

Our travels took us all over Rome today in one of the open tourist buses which also had an audio commentary (in English) and we saw glimpses of a very different place. In the ancient parts of Rome you can still visualize Romans on their chariots riding to the Forum. There are archaeological diggings going on all over the place. The Colosseum is at least twice as big as I imagined it to be (we are going there tomorrow) and to the Vatican on Friday. There is so much to see and unfortunately you need to be up at 6.30am and get home after dark. We have resigned ourselves the fact that is impossible to see everything in the time we have available plus the fact our little legs are now getting pretty weary.

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