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Malaga Beach Cleanup

Looking N. From Hostel Roof Terrace

Looking SE From Hostel Roof Terrace

Beach Cleanup #623

Last nite, huge storm...thunder, lightening, great show. Spent most of the day waiting for our sharps/liquids bag and Mari's bag to show up from being lost in transit...came afternoon, yeh! Plus I was still tired from travel, catching up on sleep. Bon rereorganized her bag...frustration from being totally unlike our old pockets and lays totally open.

We headed out for the beach and walked along the ¨boardwalk¨ and thru the central park, beautiful and being a bit cloudy it was perfect temp 23/70 F. They were cleaning the beach from storms...lots of wood washed up.

Mari saw St. Augustine Cathedral(only half built because the Spanish sent the money to support our American Revolution!)...where Santa Monica statue portrays her crying to save her son (whom she saved and he became St. Augustine!).

Mari here; It sure is strange all these white people speaking Spanish. (thats a joke

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