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Main Railway station-Rome

Got a broom anyone?

Home is where the heart is

Oh dear!!

Cars and more cars+artwork-Rome

Zebra crossing-if you can find it

Walls Vatican Museum

Monday 1st October Weather: - Sunny 27 degrees

(J) The trip from Cortona to Rome went very smoothly with lots of nice vistas around us; very hilly country side, olive groves and vineyards with ancient walled villages erupting out of the tops off the hills.

Finding the Europcar depot in Leonardo da Vinci Airport was a bit of a puzzle as a not very clear address had been given to us but with a phone call and some directions we made it. A bit of walking and we were on the train to our destination, Tuscolana train station about a 10 min. walk to our apartment in the inner suburbs of Rome.

First days' impressions of Rome: - Dissolutionment—Beautiful shops, dirty streets—Ribbons of swirling cars, buzzing scooters—Fantastic public transport, when they decide to run—All ticket booth on 2 metro station broken, out of order, walked from one to the other, had to buy a one way ticket to Central Station (Termini) at a local bar in order to be able to buy a weekly ticket (bar did not sell them). The photos posted above show what we had to walk past from the station to our place. Herman would rather that I did not put so many of those photos on but that is what it is like around here. I have been told by a couple of people at the tourist information with a shrug of their shoulders "that is Rome, you are in a better part of it, we cannot find you anything better. Rome is virtually booked out until at least 16th October, unless you want something worse for twice the prize.

The only good thing is that it has to get better from this point

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