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Maybe you can never go home again but I always thoroughly enjoy my high school reunions, largely because I always attend with my best friends, three of whom also live in AZ now. I kept trying to tell local people there that we were there for our 20th and they'd laugh and say something like "No it's not - my 30th is coming up next year" so I started saying we were there for our 10th instead.

I must admit we looked great - the 10% of my class that attends these things. (I feel that way even though I am the only girl from my class with grey hair...hmmmm) Such a small number now that we just reserve private party rooms in local bar/restaurants on Fri and Sat night. Our musical classmates play and sing great oldies for us and we can still dance with the Joie de Vivre that we had at after-game dances in high school, meaning it was mostly the girls dancing while the guys stood around. But even they had a great time. It's always wonderful to catch up again with some favorite friends from 10, 20, 30 or 40 years ago.

We finally had to leave after 4 days - from wearing ourselves out with too much laughter, recalling all the past foibles and misadventures. There is just nothing like old friends to make you feel like life is grand and no challenge is too great to overcome.

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