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The Park from the Hilltop

Another high view of the Park


Giraffe and friends

Herd of Cape buffalo


Bull Elephant


Cold and windy!!!

Kevin Stroup & Starlyn Brown

This was a full day outing at the park. The park is located approximately 20 miles from Zulu Nyala. We drove miles through some incredibly beautiful, rugged and hilly country. A few minutes after we entered the park, we encountered our first rhino, a white rhino. A white rhino is hardly white and is distinguished from the black (rarer) rhino by the way it feeds. Whites graze on grass and blacks tree leaves, etc. The main objective for the day was to find one or more of the park's elephants or lion prides. We encountered numerous giraffes, Cape buffalo, zebra, nyala, impala and rhinos. We also saw the occasional baboon, lots of birds, etc.

The day was coming to an end and no lion or elephant sightings. Then one of the group spotted a bull elephant on a ridge about quarter mile away. The sense of relief and accomplishment was palpable. We reached the flat meadow near the exit when we encountered a plethora of wildlife - Cape buffalo, rhinos, and giraffes. We stopped while one of the rangers "called" for hyenas but simulating a hurt animal. In the distance one of the rare species showed itself - a leopard. The sighting was brief and distant but definite. About five minutes later, here came the hyenas. These are rather scary animals.

One thing that you realize after a couple of days of these outings is how unfazed the wildlife appear to be with these weird humans in the jeeps driving around. All-in-all we had a good day but a long one.

Another of our group are Kevin Stroup and Starlyn Brown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kevin and Starlyn planned a long driving tour along the coast to Cape Town (about 1,000 miles) stopping along the way to dive, hike, etc.

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