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Tim,Tiff, & Tess

A, Carol, Todd, & Mari

Lighthouse St Augustine


Tiff & Looking Up Lighthouse Inside

Bon,Tiff,Todd Top of Lighthouse

Tiff & Todd Top of Lighthouse

St Augustine Fort Lighting Canon

View of Fort St Augustine

View From Fort Wall St Augustine

Today rain off & on...went S. to old Fort Matanzas where the Spanish "massacred" 250 Frenchmen in 1565...great info about the early days of life here, Brits,Spanish,French,to be Americans, ha! Lots of history here, nice to hear some real stories about the lives of early settlers, how they struggled, being in the militia, life span to only 40, Brit soldiers "joined" at 9 years old ave. life beyond that 6-7 years!

More great visiting with A.Carol & Amy & friends doing production locally - Frankinstein - with childrens theatre...lots going on.

Tiff & Todd lvg tomor. at 9am back to Msla...B, T, & M heading for Spain at 6 PM!

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