CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

The dark reflective waters of Noosa's everglades

CJ aboard Aladdin the ex racing camel!

Aladdin the feisty camel!

Us aboard our trusty steeds

Me and my shadow! Chasing our shadows at Carlos Sandblow, Rainbow Beach

Sunset on Carlo's Sandblow, Rainbow Beach

CJ practicing her exit route from the plane!

CJ having fun sailing back down to earth!

And successfully coming into land!

Noosa is a lovely spot on the East coast where a lot of Australians go for short holidays and weekend breaks. It is surrounded by national parks so there is plenty of walking to do and wildlife to see although we still haven't managed to see a wild koala yet!!

We stayed in Noosa for a couple of days and managed to fill them full of activities as usual - we went to the Eumundi markets one morning and picked up a few bargains (more stuff to carry in our rucksacks!!), we then took a boat ride up the river to an area called the Everglades where the water is so dark, almost black from a sap that drains out of the trees into the water and causes the water to darken. With the water being so dark when it is calm it almost looks like a mirror! Unfortunately there was a very slight breeze when we were there so although we saw the reflections quite clearly they haven't come out as well in the photos.

One other activity that we managed to sign up for was a Camel Safari (which is basically a 2 hour trek through the bush and along the beach)!! In total there were about 13/14 camels all tied in a line. We were then taken to a mounting area where the camels then very kindly sat down for us to mount them. Being a rider CJ was given one of the more feisty ones, an ex racing camel called Aladdin who kept us entertained throughout the trek with some very strange moans and groans, whilst Bexta had a very docile and gentle female camel! There's not many animals we haven't ridden now on this trip!!

From Noosa we then travelled to Rainbow Beach which we just used as an overnight stop to break up the journey. Rainbow Beach is a very small town with only really one parade of shops, a few motels and the hostels, but a lovely beach. After having a sunbathe on the beach (our first since we left Sydney!!) we then took a stroll up to a viewpoint called Carlos' Sandblow. This is basically an area that is totally made up of sand that has been blown in that direction and created sand dunes etc, hence the name Sandblow. Here we watched the sunset and played with our shadows!!

The next day, CJ still not quite having had enough adrenalin rushes yet, decided to sign up for a tandem skydive having watched a video on it the day before. She jumped from 10,000 feet over Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island and saw some stunning views. Although she was slightly nervous, she didn't really have to do a lot, just hang there as she was strapped to an instructor who handled the parachute etc. And being quite an attractive instructor as well (Rob), it certainly helped her keep calm!! CJ - " It was absolutely amazing, what a buzz!! I don't know if I will ever experience a rush like that again!!"

Next stop Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

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