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Entrance to Hotel Luca

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Park F. Mitterand

Up and up-Cortona

Writing the journal-Hotel Luca-Cortona

Time well spent in Cortona

Sunday 30th September 2007 Weather: - A Perfect, sunny day

(H) It is my turn to write first so here goes. Just to put in writing my thoughts on Cortona. Let me put it this way; if I had to spend the rest of my life here I would not be complaining. It has a certain charm and feel about it which is difficult to describe. It is not inundated with tourists and it has that air of a close knit and friendly community and strangely enough, you actually feel part of it. I will be sorry to leave this place tomorrow as although we have only been here a few days, you get this feeling of belonging. So much for my dribble Judy is next.

(J) The hotel San Luca is the first hotel that I have stayed in where when you want to go to the 5th floor you have to push the 'down' button from the reception level. The entry of the hotel is at the outer wall level of the city just outside the Garibaldi gate, towering over the lower car park with that name. The rooms are built below the reception and dining area (where we were served with a very nice breakfast this morning incidentally), and they hug the side of the mountain, hence the nice views. After my trip journal write up, done on the patio this morning and some nice conversation with a couple of American guests, Herman and I thought that we might walk up to the Sanctuary Saint Margarita, right on top of the hill. We did not check our map and ended up in a little park/sanctuary (Piazza F. Mitterand) on the outskirts so we had to walk up hill and down dale back to the Garibaldi Gate. After another try and getting half way up on our journey we looked at each other and said "is it worth it---we will see lots of churches in Rome and we do not have much time left here" so we toddled back down to the Piazza Della Repubblica to relax and watch the locals and tourists going about their daily endeavours. We are secretly panicking as we know that our time here in Cortona is nearly over and we want to savour the best of it. As Herman said earlier if we had to live here for the rest of our lives then we would not complain as I am sure that you would all come to visit us on a regular basis.

Herman has played mountain goat again to check on our new little Fiat and turned the motor over to see if it starts. Tomorrow we are off to our last stop, Rome, so you can imagine us chuffing down the Milan-->Rome tollway jousting it out with the best of them---Italian drivers I mean--- so if we get there, the next entry will come from Roma, Italia.

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