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Walking her dog in the passage

This morning I slept in because there was no place we had to be. It was great! We had wanted to go to Amsterdam today, but Simon has an important appointment this afternoon. Oh, well. Hopefully, we will go tomorrow.

While Simon was out for his appointment, I stayed behind and started to pack a couple of bags. What a mess I've made. I did a couple of loads of laundry and made a lot of progress. I figure that if we go to Amsterdam tomorrow, we will return late. Too late for me to feel like packing. Then on Wednesday morning, I don't think I will wake up to do packing.

When Simon returned today, we went to the passage so I could find some more souvenirs. I feel so bad that I didn't purchase more than what I've got. I have been afraid that my bags will be to heavy and also when I'd see cool things, I always said I'd come back for them, but never did. I just did a lousy job. I hope people won't be disappointed.

It rained on our way to the passage and on our way back. Simon had warned me to expect a lot of rain. Boy, was he right. Actually, the first few days were great. And we were very lucky in Germany and France. No rain at all or very, very little.

Well, tomorrow we will go to Amsterdam for sure. I can't wait. I hope it will be all that I've read and heard it will be. I shall see. Stay tuned.

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