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Da Honu really likes this place and wants to stay a little...

One of the several old business buildings in Davis.

There was a very small carnival for the kids at the festival.

Blackwater River from the park bridge.

We had some interesting visitors this afternoon.





(Ron Writing) It was 41° by early this morning when we got up but we kept nice and warm in Da Honu with just our little heater running. We decided to treat ourselves to a breakfast buffet at the Blackwater Falls Lodge. The buffet had a good selection of food and everything we sampled was delicious.

This afternoon we hiked into the town of Davis following a trail along the Blackwater River. We went to the Leaf Peepers Festival which is actually being held in three nearby towns; Davis, Canaan, and Thomas. We walked around town looking at the little carnival and some of the craft booths. We intended to have lunch at the Oktoberfest tent but, by the time we got there, they had just run out of the brats and chickens that they were grilling. The only other selection was hot dogs which didn't appeal to us so we decided to hike back home and have lunch. We were a little disappointed with the festival. I guess we were spoiled by the Cheese Festival in Arthur, IL.

Part of today's festival included a mountain bicycle race that ran about 30 miles. The last leg of this race was on the trail where we hiked to get back home. We saw several very tired and dirty bike riders.

The weather was perfect. The sky was clear and the temperature was about 72°.

We are enjoying this park so much that we decided to stay a couple more days. This park is on the north edge of the Monongahela National Forest which is part of the Appalachian Mountain range. This is a large national forest which stretches southwest approximately 100 miles. There are many other areas to explore here and we wish we weren't running out of summer so quickly.

Late this afternoon we were sitting at the dining table when suddenly a herd of deer came to visit us. We couldn't believe how many there were right outside our window. Elena counted 13 but there may have been more behind the trailer out of our view. I quickly grabbed the camera and took some pictures through the dining room window. We have the best campsite in the park because we have a crabapple tree outside our door and the deer seem to love the little apples that have fallen on the ground. Last night after dark I stepped outside and there was a deer about four feet away from me. I don't know which one of us was more startled. I'm glad it wasn't a bear!

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