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Sunrise on the final day

The crew sings a farewell song as we get ready to leave...

The captain, the masseuse, and the chief engineer

The first group leaves the ship

On board the high speed catamaran en route to Treasure Island

Natewa Bay - Savusavu - Nadi - Treasure Island

A day of travel.

I was up early, in time for sunrise at about 5:30, and a final breakfast with the whole crew. We waved goodbye to the first departures at 7:00 a.m., then I headed to my cabin to begin packing (I've kept my last minute packing record intact right from my Vancouver departure). At 9:00 it was our turn to leave. We boarded the zodiac and left the TuiTai behind, giving the crew a final wave goodbye.

We headed straight to airport and checked in, but with another two hours to go before departure, we decided to take a taxi into Savusave to look around. As it was Saturday, we were told the town would be crawling with people because it was "shopping day". It was in fact very busy and I quickly split from the gang for a quick walk about on the main street, before stopping for a bite to eat at a restaurant that had been recommended by the taxi driver. This turned out to be, I believe, a mistake.

I made my way back to the airport for our plane which had already landed and left an engine running while exchanging passengers. As everyone was already there, we left about 15 minutes early (Air Canada ... pay attention!).

Once landed back in Nadi I claimed my bags, hailed a cab and headed to the Denarau Marina where I boarded a high speed catamaran ferry that took me out to the Treasure Island Resort.

Treasure Island was a bit of a disappointment. It was a fairly small sandy island comprised exclusively of the resort: a central complex which included the lobby area, small pool, bar and dining area (all open air of course) as well as a couple of other amenities like a spa/gym. The bulk of the rest of island was taken up with the double or triple bures (cabins). The notion of "escaping" was simply not possible as wherever you went there were people doing stuff.

However, probably worst of all was that by about 6:00 I started feeling sick, so I skipped supper and just went straight to bed. It must have been something I ate at lunch in Savusavu, because most of that night found me in the bathroom, and except for a few hours the next afternoon, I pretty much stayed in bed, consuming only water and ginger ale. I also noticed that my left ear was starting to ache, and recognized that I was likely having a repeat of "swimmers' ear" meaning I had to make an effort to keep it dry.

Obviously I was now starting to pay a price for what had been, until then a great holiday.

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