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Kentucky back road

Man! It rains in Kentucky like you wouldn't believe! We were going to rent canoes and float down the Green River - but we sat in our camp in a river instead. We went for a drive around the park, and found this great ferry to cross. Now, being a ferry commuter, this was my idea of fun! We journeyed across the Green River in all of about a minute. The "boat" (raft!) takes 1-2 cars. I'm used to ferry traffic directors telling me when to load. On this boat, you load when the other car comes off. wow! After that excitement, we saw wild turkeys and lots (and lots and lots...) of deer. Went for a short hike back to a church established in 1880s. Then hiked further about a mile - slipped and slogged through Kentucky clay. Returned to our camp (via that ferry!), relaxed, and then went for another short hike to a sink hole. Outside of the park is a plain that is full of these sinkholes. I can't remember the geologic significance - but I do remember that the reason the Mammoth Caves are so dry is because they are "roofed" by a shale and sandstone cap. So these sinkholes surround the cave area and it's where water is seeking a lower route? Something like that. For a spur of the moment decision to visit this national park, we really enjoyed it and hope to come back someday for some more tours and more hiking (and maybe float the Green River).

I am a bit behind on this because we didn't have electricty in our camp while in Mammoth. We had to sit in the shower/laundry area to plug in to an outlet - and, well, that's just not something we were willing to do for long.

We are getting much more into a rhythm. We're doing well. Catch up with you later. Good night.


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