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Hi guys

well this is the last time i will be doning this, think i'm gonna miss it you know!

Anyway for all you die hard fans of the site who are still checking for updates till the very end, this ones for you!

We are home again and it's really great! It's wierd but nothing has changed and we have slotted right back into life again as though we have never been out of it!

It's so nice to see everyone again. My mum and dad picked us up from the airport, minus all our bags i might add which remained in london heathrow for the remainder of wednesday and finally arrived at our house thursday dinner!!! As usual my mum started balling in the airport which set me off, we got some very strange looks off people and my dad and james found it highly amusing!!

We spent the day with my family and James's mum who came up for tea, who also started balling when she saw us!!! Mum's ehhh!! All week me and James had been thinking of the food we wanted to have and kept emailing mi mum and adding things to our tea! We had to have yorkshire's of course, we have missed them so much!! it was a great day and mi mum excelled herself and we had the nicest meal in over a year!

It also felt like christmas as we got to open the 8 boxes that we have posted back over the year. we had forgotton what was in most of them so that was a great surprise.

We were also over the moon to come home as Jack our dog remembered us. James is his fav person in the whole world and we wondered if he would even remember us but he went absolutly balistic for a full 20 mins so that told us he was pleased to have us back!

On thursday it was James's turn and we went out for a meal with James's family. Thats no mean feat either as James has 5 brothers and sisters! They all came out and it was a fantasic meal. After that we went back into elland to carry on celebrating our return, and a great night was had by all!

We still have alot of people to see and catch up with so it will be hectic for another few weeks yet but so far home coming has been better than we could of expected, we didn't think we missed anyone that bad till we saw them all again, it's great and we really are glad to be home!

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