Southeast Asia 2007 travel blog


What a face!

Package was 100% intact!

Made it home safe and sound at 9:30am Sunday. Dale picked me up from SFO with huge sunflowers, birthday cake and candles, bday goodies, and a list of fun things to do with our Sunday. Hadn't slept in a couple days, but Dale knows I firmly believe I need to "be where I am" to be adjust to time, so we went out and played all day! Very nice homecoming. I kept saying how much I loved not sweating (nice fall day on the coast) and how much I appreciated flush toilets. It's the little things, don't you know??

Again, thanks for following along on my adventure. Many of you have asked what Bob looks like, so I wanted to do this final post so you could see him unwrapped, in all of his glory. Dale LOVED him! He is now positioned on the mantel, above Sadie's chair. He is a tribal blessing figure, so maybe in addition to blessing our home, he'll bless Sadie with a bit of serenity and reduce some of her stress.

If anyone reading this is ever interested in a trip to SE Asia, I'm happy to share thoughts, pictures and recommendations based on my experiences. I had a wonderful time, and I wouldn't change a thing...except to have Dale along of course!

If you have been dreaming of your own trip of a lifetime, stop dreaming and start planning! Planning is a huge part of the fun. Good luck!

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