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We've seen dozens of these - there is a rut worn in...

Hitching rails in all the parking lots.


View from the backseat - we took a 30 minute ride.

No comment needed.

Typical Amish home as shown in the Visitor Center Museum

We have enjoyed this Amish country so much. Their Visitor Center Museum does a wonderful job of teaching history and current practices of the Amish, Mennonite and Hutterite anabaptist religions. We spent about 3 hours there. Most interesting are the practices of not using autos, not using electricity or phones or TV's in their homes, and not providing or receiving formal education after 8th grade. In exchange they have a beautiful peace.

Oddly, the big attraction here is the flea market every Tues and Wed and antique and horse auctions on Thurs and Fri. We covered the whole flea market but found it really not very different from the big Phoenix one. Except for the dozens of Amish families there and the horse and buggies parked outside. Lots of gift shops here in this town with a population of 500 or so and lots of tour buses bringing the shoppers in. It's a curious place.

Now it will be off to my sister's house in Illinois tomorrow.

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