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a scarlet ibis, they really are this colour, very vivid. They get...

an american eagle (i think)

another bird of prey

not sure who looks the funniest on this one!

what wicked eyes on this owl

a little guy with a sweet he took from one of the...

little cutie

now to find the escape route boys!!

yum yum, lets just eat the map instead!

one of the resident meercats

with the wallabies

this little guy was supposed to be on watch but although he...

Hello again

After a year of travelling and seeing hunderds of monkeys I was nearly sorry to report that I had not held one! The only reason we had our expensive rabies jab before we left was incase we got to play with a monkey and up until today we were going home dissapointed!

But not anymore!! Woo Hoo! We went to the world of birds and monkeys today, bascially a huge aviary with a few monkeys in Hout Bay.

We had a really good day and they had hundreds of fantastic birds to look at, including a birds of prey section and an owl section. But best of all, and the reason we went, is because they have a walk in enclousure housing loads of tiny monkeys! They were so cute, I think they were spider monkeys but in my rush to get in the cage I didn't even look at what they were called!!

It was so cool. They were really inquisitive and went straight into our pockets, being nosey. They found James's tissue very interesting indeed! We sat down on one of the benches and before long we had the little guys sat on our knees and shoulders and running up and down our arms. It was great and they were as light as a feather with the softest feet ever. For some reason I expected their feet pads to be really rough!

One monkey pulled my map out of my hand and took it to the nearest tree where he made a great show of trying to read it, it was so funny!

We spent about 20mins in there before we carried on around the aviary, getting up close and personal with other animals including some very soft and furry wallabies.

What a great day and at last we can go home saying we held a monkey!!

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