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showing us the french way of opening a bottle of champers, with...

which one do i choose!

my burger for dinner that had been marinaded in a lovely red...

wine country

wine tasteing time

yummy cheese tasteing

anyone for more!

looking merry at the end of the tour!!

Hey guys

After our trip up table mountain we were schedualed to go on a wine tour.

We were chatting the night before and for some reason James decided to jinx us by saying that we have been really lucky with the sickness front over the last year, we have both only been ill once. Well about 11 that night James started with the squirts!!!! As if, so the wine tour was cancelled for the day and Friday was spent with me sunbathing and James very close to the loo!!!! He blames it on the very spicy mexican chillis he ate at lunch!!

Anyway Saturday came and everything better we were off on a days wine tour of the Cape. They have a big industry here and we visited 4 of the bigger vineyards sampling various wines from each one.

Our guide told us all about how to become a wine conniseur. How to tell a good wine by it's colour, smell, taste and after taste. How to be a professional wine taster, slurping the wine through our lips in order to get oxygen into it and release the flavours of the wine. It sounded great, about 30 of us slurping at the same time, very suave!!!! He also showed us the traditional way of opening a bottle of bubbly. It's pretty impressive. They used to take a sword and slice the top of the bottle off, cork glass, the lot!!! Looks brilliant although I don't think many of us will be trying that at home!

Anyway as interesting and informative as it was you can guess that by the middle of the tour no-one was slurping anymore and just throwing back every wine they could taste!!

Quite tipsy and at the last place we got to put our new skills into action (if we remembered them anyway!) and pick out 6 wines for ourselves. That was nice because it meant you actually liked the wine you were trying!! We also got to sample cheese there and we had a great one that was like a cream cheese with a mexican coating! Sounds gross but was really nice!

Overall a great day but we now have 1 to many bottles of wine to take home so I'm afraid we can feel a few more nights with a glass in our hand coming on!!!

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