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Thursday, 13 September, Amsterdam / Den Haag

Checked out of the hotel and made our way back to the main train station, where we caught a train to Den Haag, which is about 45 minutes Northwest of Amsterdam, and is where the NDT (National Dance Theatre) is located. It's a company for which CindyMarie would have loved to have danced if her career had taken any path other than the one it did. It's also the company for which her long lost friend, Lesley Telford, dances.

Upon arrival, we found the NDT studios, which aren't that far from the train station, and enquired as to where we might find Lesley. We couldn't find her right away, so we wandered around, finding a "phone place" where we got our cell phone converted to having a Dutch phone number, so we could contact Lesley (and others). Eventually got in touch with Lesley and made our way to her apartment. Loaded our stuff into her place and then went walking with her for a bite to eat, and, yes, to find someplace with WIFI access for her computer so we could check our e-mail (remember, at this point we are still awaiting confirmation of an apartment in Paris -- each day for the past week, it seems, we've been enquiring about a different apartment, and each day the booking agency sends us a note saying "sorry, it's not available" (even though their website had just said that it was available...)). Anyway, good news -- the most recent apartment about which we'd enquired was being held for us.

Basically hung out with Lesley all afternoon, and eventually went for the highly recommended Dutch Indonesian food we'd read so much about. It's everything they say, and more. Fantastic meal.

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