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Trits - Tom with an emergency delivery of Trits after panic almost...

Trits - Tamara, yet another victim of the Trits


Trits are a cylindrical ice cream sandwich having two biscuits with ice cream and chocolate in the centre.


All over Costa Rica and Panama although there are unconfirmed reports about sightings in neighbouring Nicaragua.


Any time of the day or night.


It seems almost everybody except me much to the disgust of Tom and Laurie two British surfers I've been surfing with who each have three a day but were forced to cut down to two due to money problems. You couldn't move around the hostel without tripping over an empty Trits container!


"They say the AIDS virus from a design point of view has one of the best desgins but I've got to say TRITS are close to perfection, they have the perfect balance of biscuit and ice cream with just the right amount of chocolate to keep you coming back for more.." - Tom

"You have to look inside yourself Pete to find the perfect Trits, everyone has their own taste but the general consensus is it shouldn't be frozen or melted, too hard or too soft is bad! The biscuit should be firm and the ice cream not too soft. There should always be a smidgen of chocolate left on the bottom to tempt you back..." - Tom again trying to explain to me how to find the perfect Trits

"I love the way you have to press the button on the bottom of the carton to unleash the Trits into your hand, it just pops out just like giving birth" - Tom yet again on giving birth to the Trits, he was the connoisseur

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