Guatemala 2007 travel blog

we were all concerned about traveling here since we had so much stuff. we are traveling like real gringas- four big cases plus a bunch of knapsacks. so at first we went real first class in a private cab. we spent the night at the nearest big city near here heuheutenango nicknamed heuehue which is also the name of this district ad they call states. it ended up that the "chicken bus" as they call it was just fine. people travel with everything especially farmers on the way to market with baskets of produce, including live chickens. it is amazing how much they are used to schlepping on their heads. we warned them that one of the pieces of luggage was heavy and had wheels but they hoisted it like it was nothing. the bus looked like a school bus from the outside except that each bus is painted bright colors. inside however, the seats were like a tourist bus. we sat upfront to see best. at one point the bus got crowded and a mayan woman(with nursing baby in cloth) sat on the armchair of may seat. even when the bus emptied she did not move. even when the porter told her to in spanish and mayan.

the inter-central american highway is being broadened- here from a two lane to a four lane road. it curves around the mountains which are many. it is fascinatingsweeing the work in progress.

more later we are off to the mercado- market day here fortunately thursdays and sundays.

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