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Arm of Gold Campground in Little Bras d'Or.

Home, sweet home.

Edie and Darin make it to California.

Minnie loves her new Bush chew toy.

Minnie's new Bush chew toy. Daddy found this in San Francisco in...

After our first week in Halifax, we traveled four hours northeast to Cape Breton Island to explore the Cabot Trail and Newfoundland via the ferry from the nearby port in North Sydney.

It is beautiful here also, but all we have seen so far are the many fingers of inlets and giant lake, Bras d'Or. We've been at the same campground here since 9/2/2007, but I flew down to The States to visit our good friend Edie and ended up helping her to drive her RV back to CA. I flew back into Halifax from San Francisco yesterday. I call it 8,000 miles in 7 days. Edie and I had another name for the trip, but I won't share it on this blog in full color. The trip became known as "It's @#$*ed up and it sucks, '07."

The last day of driving to CA was especially difficult. Neither of us had slept more than a few hours each night, because Edie's pug, Kong, had developed a terrible skin allergy and was going crazy all night long. Poor fella. By the fifth day of driving, lack of sleep had taken it's toll. After carefully manuevering the 40 foot trailer around two different pump islands, I sat before the diesel pump, waiting my turn to pull forward and fuel up. Unfortunately, I was NOT lined up quite straight and the side of the fifth wheel trailer scraped all the way from above the wheels to the back. Neither of us had any idea there was any problem until the gas station attendant pointed out my handiwork. I don't think either of us was emotionally prepared to deal with crashing into things. But, we made it to our destination in Vallejo, CA anyway. Of course, after such a rough day, it was nice to finally stop driving and relax. It would have been even nicer if our electric service had worked. Oh well, we lit a candle and drank a little too much wine, followed by some beer. I wouldn't recommend that combination, by the way.

I am now back in Nova Scotia with Bill and Minnie, and we are planning on taking the Subaru on the ferry to Newfoundland Sunday and explorying for 5-6 days.

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