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Elephant Bathing

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Trunk Lifting

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Elephant Breeding Farm

What's cooler then tracking rhinos in Nepal while riding on the back of an elephant??? I'll tell you: bathing the elephant in the river afterwards. What's cooler then that? I couldn't tell you because I think it's pretty much the coolest thing I've done. The morning of our elephant safari, our elephant picked us up at our hotel. We took a stroll through the village....yep, right down mainstreet, and then entered Chitwan National Park. We saw all kinds of animals, but the most amazing was definately the rhinos. The advantage of being on an elephant is that the other animals in the park are not afraid at all and you can get crazy close to the wildlife.

After our safari we joined our guide at the river where they bathe the elephants. This is where things got really fun. We gave the elephat a good rub down and then we were able to climb onto his back where he showed off several clever tricks. To get on his back you stand infront of him and hold one ear in each hand, then you put one foot on his trunk and he uses the incredible power of his trunk to lift you so that you can continue to climb up his trunk, over his head and onto his back. Our elephants' tricks included filling his trunk with water and spraying it over his shoulder and soaking us while we were on his back. He was also able to "dance". We would stand on his back and he would "dance" to try to throw us off balance and send us tumbling into the water. It was such an amazing experience to interact so freely with such a huge animal...an experience we won't forget.


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