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Me doing a virtual bobsled ride, wishing for the real one.

Me winning Gold Medal for Bobsled

Modern sled course. See all the others venues from this spot -...

Figure skating and speed skating centers.

From the top of the 26 story ski jump - YIKES!!!

This is summer ski jumping turf - plastic grass

This was awesome- seeing the ski aerialists practice and land in the...

Top of Whiteface Mountain, the ski competition venue. Lake Placid & its...

We love Farmers Markets!

I happened to be walking along a hiking trail in Newfoundland with a NY woman who now full-times in her RV and I asked where her favorite places are - Bryce Canyon in UT and Lake Placid in NY. So we revised our itinerary and here we are, "stuck" in Lake Placid, not wanting to leave, enjoying this as much or more than anything we've seen in almost 7,000 miles.

We are doing all the tours of the Olympic venues where winter athletes still train year round. In the summer, they adapt to the climate and ski on plastic grass and do their ski jumps into pools. It's fascinating. The town is full of nice restaurants, hotels and shops and lots of conventioneers and sits on the shore of gorgeous Mirror Lake. Lake Placid itself is just a short hike away.

This is the only place in the world where winter Olympic venues are close enough that they can all be seen from each other - sledding, skiiing, skating, and ski jumping. We drove up Whiteface Mountain to the spot where the road ends and you hike to the top or take a short hike INTO the mountain in a tunnel to an elevator that goes to the top. This was a WPA project in the 30's and stone blasted from the road building was used to build a castle at the top of the road and to outline much of the road. It's beautiful!

From the ski jump venue, you can see John Brown's farm and gravesite, from which he worked with the Underground Railroad. He was the abolitionist that attempted to overtake the armory at Harper's Ferry, leading up to the Civil War, arrested by Colonel Rbt. E. Lee, and put to death for the act.

Our home is a small RV campground. We and a pretty orange cat are the only residents this week. So nice to have roots for a few days!

But, move on, we must. Tomorrow we will hightail it to the next destination, 600+ miles away - Dearborn, Michigan! We want to see the Henry Ford Museum.

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