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Hermanus Bay

the whale cryer, who signals that whales can be seen. (he must...

this cool band plays some good tunes while you watch!

Hermanus town and old harbour

flippers out on her back!! the other is sticking it's head out!

just cruising

James's idea of whale watching!!!

leaping out of the water!

and the huge splash down!

james get friendly with the locals!

Hi guys

well only just about come back down to earth after our wicked encounter with the great whites, but I tell you what it puts you off going in the water I can tell ya!

Anyway we have spent the last few days wandering the costal paths of the very pretty Hermanus bay and we have been very lucky. We have been down 3 times now and on all 3 occasions we have seen loads of whales! Southern right whales to be exact. They are huge mammals which can be as big as 18m and weigh 350kilos!!! Now that is big!

We have seen them from a far while they were out playing far out in the bay. We have also seen them mating very close to shore. You could tell they were mating as the lady kept rolling onto her back and the tails were very inter twined!!! They do this on the surface, so not to be rude but it makes for great whale watching as they are always stiking their heads, fins and tails out of the water!

Best of all though we have seen them breeching! So lucky! This is when they jump right out of the water and flip onto their backs making a huge splash when they land back in!

It doesn't get its whole body out as it is too big, you can prob see about 11m but its a great thing to watch and they don't just do it once, they repeat their jump loads of times, then rest, then do it again!! They must be very happy whales indeed!!

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