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Finally in Wales!

On the headlands walking path


Sarah and I on our hike

The beach

can you find the seal?


all suited up for surfing

Nicole, Ronni and I at the bonfire


getting bashed into rocks

they thought I needed saving, I didn't think so

getting washed unexpectedly into the toilet


the entire group

yes, the only time I stood on the board was on dry...

me jumping off a cliff at the old quary

playing in the surf

group surfing

I just spent the weekend at an adventure lodge in Penbrokeshire Wales. It was so beautiful there. It was a 7.5 hour bus ride from London to Haverfordwest Wales and then another 20min drive to the lodge. They cooked us breakfast lunch and dinner every day and it was so good. I forgot how much I missed having real food since I've been home. Saturday morning we had breakfast and then went hiking on the national costal path. I went with Sarah on the shorter 4mi hike rather than the 7mi that the rest of the group did. It was so beautiful. The path runs straight along the clifs above the ocean so you can look down and see the waves crashing into rocks and such. We stopped a few times to watch the seals play in the coves below us. It was absolutely breath taking. Then Saturday afternoon (after an amazing lunch of homemade chicken and vegetable soup and homemade bread) we went surfing. The water was almost too calm to surf very well so we really just played in the water with the surfboards. That night we went back to the lodge and just hung out. Several people in our group got pretty smashed that night so the few of us who weren't drinking took embarrassing pictures and babysat them all night. Sunday we went coasteering (pronounced Cost tearing). That meant that we put on wet suits, life jackets, helmets, and trainers and swam around the coast playing on rocks (well getting bashed into rocks more like). There was this really fun part called the toilet that was a V shaped cut out in the cliff that when the waves would come in would swirl you around like a washing machine and then spit you back out in the open water. The guides said that they had never seen it as rough as it was that day which made it so much fun. All in all I had an amazing weekend and I want to go back so bad. Wales is absolutely amazing and if you ever get the chance to go, you should do it.

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