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President Calvin Coolidge's birthplace, the little wooden building in the back of...

Bed and original furnishings where Coolidge was born

Gregg visiting on the Coolidge's front porch

A president's grave - he was a simple guy. I think I...

A gorgeous flower nursery I found.

The nursery also sold yard ornaments - cows, sheep, geese, pigs, bison....

Some cute merchandising in Woodstock - I love the mannequins.

Short beautiful drive in the morning, as the sun burned through the low clouds, to this teeny tiny town where President Calvin Coolidge was born, raised, sworn in as President in 1929 when President Harding died in office. He is buried here with many generations of his family in a fascinating cemetary, huge for the tiny community becasue it dates back so far, into the 1700's. The White House business was conducted from here in the summer with 18 Secret Service agents guarding the President, most of them sleeping in tents as there were no nearby hotels. Much of this town and his home have been preserved exactly as there were in the 20's. We like it so much here that we are boondocking in the parking lot and spending the night here.

While Gregg took the afternoon off for reading, I Jeeped into Woodstock for a look around, driving through beautiful country and over a picturesque covered bridge, checking email at their stately old library, discovering great shops and coming upon some fun surprises. I just love getting out and poking around in places the big old RV won't fit. An old Vermont lady, sitting on her porch on this nice, sunny day waved at me as I drove by on the highway. Friendly folk here.

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