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Washing the Jeep by a beautiful boondock campsite

Samples and a tour at Ben & Jerry's - ya can't drive...

Mt. Mansfield - Lake Champlain & New York in the background

Mt. Mansfield - the summit, Vermont's highest peak

Another Mt. Mansfield view - incredible 360 degree views!

Common yellow color for houses here - so pretty!

We saw colored roofs like this in Quebec also - striking! Notice... of Gregg's favorite places to camp - a roadside rest area with a creek providing water for washing his Jeep, babbling brook sounds to sleep by, all at no cost.

Our friend Audrey recommended this route in Vermont - thanks Audrey! We are loving it.

We did a fantastic hike near Stowe to the summit of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak at 4,393 ft. You first pay a $21 toll to drive up a ski slope, then hike the last 1.5 miles on a part of Vermont's famous Long Trail that goes 200+ miles from Massachusettes to Canada. Fun hike, clamoring over rocks, a cakewalk for Gregg and challenging for short legs and wimpy balance nerves like mine. But I made it with a bit of maneuvering on hands, knees and bottom. The views were astounding with Lake Champlain and New York on one side, New Hampshire on the other; we would have seen Canada too if it had been a clearer day. The smell of the pygmy balsam trees and the beauty of the tundra and moss on the heavily quartz studded rocks make it a gorgeous hike - one of the best we've ever done.

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