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Pretty restaurant in Bar Harbor - beautiful area.

Trees in the Acadia Visitor Center parking lot - it's getting more...

Hoping for some clearing in the weather, we took a 2 hour bus trip to the quiet side of the park and bopped around Bar Harbor all day, Sally in the gift shops buying next to nothing and Gregg, in a bike shop to replace a tire, buying a whole new bike! So we now have three bikes on back and he hasn't been able to ride his new one yet due to the wet weather.

We had a first here - kicked out of our boondock campsite, wakened from deep sleep by a knock on the door. We'd stopped to see the Acadia National Park Visitor Center on our way to Camp Wal-Mart and found it closing but with a huge parking lot and a sign for RV Parking and no signs prohibiting overnights. We and another camper settled in, only to be told by the camp ranger that we needed to move to their campground or to Wal-Mart!

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