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Last minute photos...oops i didnĀ“t take any...keith in the apartment, moments before...

After discovering that my original plan of heading south through the Caribean coast to Panama was out, I decided to head back north to the Nicoya area and meet up with my old travel friends Keith and Erin (from Victoria, BC). The decision took minutes the bus took 6 hours.

I arrived in Nosara with little info as to where their rental apartment was. So I started on my mission to find them. I traced their steps through hotels, stores, and other sources (anyone I bumped into on the roads). I first found that the person they were renting from was named Betty, from there I eventually found their apartment!

We spent 5 days surfing and hanging out. It is a pretty cool town, but has little to no Tico culture. Mainly, a surf town with many retired Americans. Life was good until their landlady thought we were trying to rip her off (with an extra person and no extra money) and I had to go.

So I begin my journey north.

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