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Travel day. Drove to Sturbridge, MA and stayed at the Wal-mart there. Funny but rather sad conversation with one of the checkers at the Wal-mart. The "bagger", a girl in her mid-20's, struck up a conversation with Bob and asked where we were from. He said Pennsylvania. The "checker", a woman about my age, said that she had been in Pennsylvania and remarked that it was a very beautiful state. The bagger then inquired, "Do you need a passport to go there?" We looked at her to see if she was kidding but unfortunately, she wasn't kidding. She really had no idea not only where Pennsylvania was but that it was a US state and/or that you don't need a passport to travel between states. Definitely a conversation that will provide grist for years to come. Now, of course, every time we are discussing what route we are taking, we ask : "Do you need a passport to get there?"

We took a drive, after we parked, to find fuel. Along the way, we discovered a state park, Wells State Park, located along Rt. 49 near Sturbridge. It is a nice park but the campsites are way too small and the trees are way too closely spaced for us to be able to get the coach in. We have found that to be the case with most state parks - they cater to tents and small campers rather than the larger motorhomes. But it would be a good place to take a hike. It is located on Rt. 49 which intersects with U.S. 20 Eastbound (turn left out of the Wal-mart parking lot and take the first left at the traffic light ). There were numerous trails and the woods were pretty. The trees up here are turning and I expect that the peak season will be in about a week or ten days.

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