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little rock hyanx, look like big gerbils to us, but they live...

our view in a morning

our beds right by the window

the rest of the village from our patio

doing what we can do expertly now - nothing!!

Hi guys

Well I never made it to update you all on the party on Sat night! We way over slept and only just made the baz bus let alone anything else! The party was a success though, turned out all the people who we were in the hot tub the night before came round and we got a little tipsy and had a wicked game of killer on the pool table. James made us a tidy profit after winning 2 rounds!

We are now further down the coast, getting ever nearer to our final ever destination of Cape Town. We are in a small and beautiful costal village called Wilderness. It's not as wild as it sounds but it's small with just enough different restaurants to give us variety over the next 3 days. We are splashing out instead of cooking ourselves like we have been doing as the shop is so small there is not much choice!!

So far we have done a huge amount of nothing!!! The best thing ever! Our hostel is on a hill about 50m from the beach as the crow flys! We have a fantasic room and our beds are right in front of a full wall of glass, which looks out onto the sea below. Its a lovely feeling to open your eyes in a morning and see that. We have walked to the shops, had 2 gorgeous meals at a small restaurant and laid on another desserted beach and read our books. There is a good lookout point called 'Map of Africa' about a 2 hr walk away which are contemplating visiting tomorrow but we will see. For now we are enjoying our time, looking forward to stone baked pizza's from the hostels wood fired stove tonight and generally making friends with the biggest dog I have ever seen, a great dane who has a stable here!!!

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