Ian and Chelsea's Thailand Excursion 2007 travel blog

Hello everyone. Ian here. It's not so much that we forgot about the blog, it's more like we just haven't had anything exciting to write about. We have somewhat fallen into a little bit of a Margaritaville-type mentality. To plot our course on the map we have moved south on Phuket Island to Karon Beach. It's about as sleepy and quiet a beach town as I have ever visited and in comparison to Patong it is downright comatose. To compare the two is to compare High Street in Columbus during a Michigan game to a holy Sunday morning on an Amish farm. Sure there are bars here but nothing like Patong. Because there isn't exactly a glut of available activity here in Karon, we have certainly fallen into a deep routine of awakening around 10, occasionally eating breakfast, spending nearly 8 hours at the beach lounging around sleeping and doing nothing of any importance or worth until we get hungry. It's then that our big decision of the day greets us. Shall we eat at the Thai restaurant around the corner or jump into some masterful seafood? So, in short, thus is the plight of those who have thrown responsibility and adulthood to the wind.

To fill in the gaps of excitement in the blog, our final night in Patong was filled with Aussie excitement. We arrived at our favorite Patong watering hole Scruffy Murphy's. After about a half of a pint of Guinness each we were introduced to three wild and crazy, straight out of Perth, just over 60 Aussie crazies. They introduced themselves by sliding a flask of 12-year-old Jameson whiskey our way. Chelsea declined but me being quite the whiskey connoisseur, I gratefully obliged. Over the course of the evening they delighted us with their tales of friendship, adventure, and of course, Thai relationships. I dare not repeat the exact verbiage of the conversation for fear that we be censored but to be frank it was dirty, wild, and everything you could want from a brotherhood of over-the-hill Australian veterans of the world.

In Karon Beach we have been staying at Angus O'Toole's Irish Pub & Guesthouse, a throwback Thai establishment reminiscent of a straight up Dublin Public House. There are no room numbers at this house, only names of places in Ireland. We are sleeping in Niall, named after the High King of Ireland in the 9th century. Our meals have been filled with deep flavors worthy of any cooking & travel show. Our drinks have been of the strongest, deepest nature. Just tonight Chelsea drank her second Daiquiri out of a near life-like representation of the female form. Damn the camera that has failed us. We need photographic proof of this vessel. Just like everything else in Thailand, nothing is based in reality. Thailand is the alternative reality of the rest of the world.

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