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Black and White of Sailboat on Passamaquoddy Bay

Mural of Water Street Scene in the 1800's

2007 View of Same Water Street Scene

Cottage Entrance

Water Street

This is a lovely town and one that should be on everyone's itinerary if they are passing this way. We didn't stop here on the way up and now, I'm sorry. We are camped in the Oceanside Campground run by the Kiwanis Club. It is, not surprisingly, right on the Ocean which in this case is actually the Passamaquoddy Bay. They have full hookups and sites big enough for even the largest rigs and you can't beat the view. We are looking out onto a very hazy bay with sailboats drifting by in ghostly silhouette. We can hear the bell on the buoy and with the haze, there is an otherworldly feel to the place.

We took a long walk from the campground into the town of St. Andrews itself. This is a town that is on the National Historical Register and many of the houses have placques that tell you when the house was built, who owned it, what function it served, i.e. candy shop etc.. The houses are well-maintained and there are some awesome homes that are just outside of the historic district but located on the water. The tides here rise 22 feet but the bay is shallow where we are so that it appears that the tide comes up much higher. We were going to go kayaking but would have had to carry the boats out so far, it would have been a major hassle because it was low tide. At high tide, the water would have been lapping up to the side of the road, but at low tide, it is out more than 100 yards away.

It was 90 degrees in Portland today according to Tom Mundhenk - who we are seeing tomorrow - but here, on the "ocean", it was only about 80 and lovely. We strolled all through the town, had ice cream on the wharf and generally had a wonderful relaxing day. Tomorrow, the push to Portland.

Mouse update - caught another one two days ago but none since then and no evidence of any either. We've got our fingers crossed.

Refrigerator update - really roughing it here with having to fill the refrigerator with ice each day. Now, this is camping!!!

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