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Nature's Power

Storm Clouds over Bras d'Or lake

St. Joseph's Church from Arm of Gold Campground

Battering the Coast

Travel Day. I got up early and took Dixie out for a walk. Thought it was going to be a nice day even though they had predicted rain. It was not too cold, there were no black flies and while windy, it wasn't too uncomfortable. No sooner did I come inside, than it began to pour and has rained off and on all day. First it is rainy, then the sun comes out, then it rains again. And the wind!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! We pulled over on the way south from Cheticamp on the Cabot Trail to watch the waves crash over the boulders and shoot high into the air against the cliffs. Such awesome and awful power was beautiful and scary at the same time. I could have sat there all day taking pictures. The sound was deafening. Talk about sound and fury - this was the epitome of that.

Caught another mouse last night in the trap. Bob-3; Mice-0. Tonight we plan to take everything from every cupboard and disinfect them. Bob is convinced we got them all this time. Famous last words??????

Traveled to Little Bras d'Or, NS today. It is a charming place located on the banks of the Bras d'Or (arms of gold) lake. We are camped at Arms of Gold campground overlooking the lake. It is so windy that the coach is shaking. There are several other big rigs here - in fact, more Newmar coaches than we have seen outside of a rally. There are three Essexes (their million dollar babies) and another two brand new Dutch Stars. Then there are several aged (like ours) Dutch Stars and Kountry stars. This place is not too far from the Newfoundland ferry and it appears that you can store your rig here if you don't want to spend the money to take it to Newfoundland.

Had lunch at an old Country Store. Bob had a turkey burger which was actually chunky turkey salad over stuffing and cranberry sauce on a bun. It was really good. I had a salad - penance for last night's cheesecake and for stopping at the French bakery this morning and buying fresh out of the oven croissants.

After Bob gets up from his nap ( what can I say?), we have to go food shopping. We are still using ice in the frig to keep it cold.

The BAD news....we stopped at a repair shop here and they told us we needed a new refrigerator. They also told us it would cost close to $3,000.!!!!!!!!to get a new one. We checked the Camping World catalog when we got back and they weren't far wrong given the service charges etc., We may try to get it fixed or get a new one on the way home at a Camping World in NJ. Obviously, we need to fix the problem one way or another. There goes Bob's satellite dish...

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