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Hey guys, thought I'd be kind and update you again, it's nothing to do with the fact we have have free internet, honest!!!

The concert I mentioned. Turns out that a 40 strong youth group has been staying at the hostel doing a 3 week life skills course, and it was them who put on the concert for us as it was their last night!

It was so cool, they put on loads of singing and dancing, african style with no music just the rhythm of their feet and they had fantastic voices!

They also did a few hilarious roles plays about the things they had learned on the course like work ethics and about hiv. Some of them even read poems.

All the time the audiance kept breaking out in to song and dance as well whenever there was a break in the programme! All in all a great performance.

After the concert me and James were invited to join the hostel owner and a couple of other backpackers, who were going to a farm down the road, which has a hot tub!!

So cool, there were some volunteers staying at the farm so in the end there were about 11 of us sat outside under a wickedly starry sky, in a gorgeous hot, huge jaccuzi, supping a few beers while you could see our breath in the night air!!

Only down side was it was freezing when you had to run across the lawn in your bikini to go to the loo!!!

Anyway, spending our last day in peace and tranquillity doing nothing, maybe playing with the dogs. There is a party tonight at the hostel so if I have time inmorn will up date you on that while it's still a free computer!

Bye for now

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