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Ribe Denmark museum with vikings style living

downtown Ribe oldest town in Denmark

another beautiful cathedral, luthern in Ribe

Inside the bell tower at cathedral at 11:30

view from top of bell tower

Ribe canals

Off to legoland

Palaces in Copenhagen all made out of legos

amazing lego land

Emilys zebras out of legos

hi all we are in a very authentic viking town of Ribe, more later on it mom send me some danish names, maybe we have some famous relatives over here. Enjoyed Ribe and viking museum, town and church, love those churchs and bell tower, got up and down before the noon bell rung. Left for Legoland, very interesting, lots of small villages modeled after famous places all made out of legos. Legos made in Denmark, also had alot of rides kindof disneyish. Stayed north of legoland.

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