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Mui Ne

cows on the beach

Cu Chi war tunnels - model of network

war tunnel entrance hidden with leaves

they've been widened for tourists!


lots of B52 craters

booby trap


another trap


snakes in bottles!

in the war tunnels


caught in the rain

torrential downpour!

last night together

sharing a cyclo - very squashed!

crazy traffic in Saigon



Notre Dame cathedral

Reunification Palace

shop on a bike



flower market

local women getting manicures at the market


After Dalat we stopped one night in Mui Ne - a beach town which we'd thought would be a nice place to rest for a few days...we thought wrong! On arriving the rancid fish smell hit us, it was disgusting and so strong we were nearly vomiting on the bus. We didn't know the place was famous for producing fish-paste! Managed to find a hotel where the smell wasn't too bad and spent the afternoon on the beach after making swift plans to get out of there the next day! Couldn't wait to get out of there, it was like a ghost town and especially when we were having dinner and a huge rat ran through the restaurant and over my feet...yes I screamed and take back what I said before about not minding rats - I hate them!!

So we arrived in HCMC, last stop in Vietnam for me before Cambodia - have really loved Vietnam and will be sad to leave. Saigon is another huge busy noisy city again with crazy traffic - although at least am a bit more used to it now and have mastered the road crossing skills like a local! But I cannot get used to the constant drone of scooters and horns - feel like I have a constant headache, even in bed you can still here the traffic all through the night...hopefully Cambodia will be more peaceful!

Our 2 days here were pretty educational - we went to the Cu Chi war tunnels and also to the War Remnants Museum. The tunnels were very impressive and used by the north Vietnamese to hide from the American soldiers during the war. They were absolutely huge (not inside) but in quantity and covered 250km. They were protected by different types of booby traps & were obviously very effective as they totally confused & defeated the Americans. I wasn't brave enough to go in the narrowest one - definitely not for the claustrophobic, especially when you've squeezed inside and then the lid is shut on you!

The War museum was a harrowing experience. I had no idea how bad the war was, how long it lasted and how many innocent civilians were killed. The museum was mainly of photographs taken by photographers who also got killed during the war - some of them were truly horrific and made us both pretty sickened by the whole thing. The killings, injuries & torture is unimaginable. So we were pretty depressed coming out of there - definitely not a good way to spend Marleen's last day!

But unfortunately she is off home, so bit of a sad goodbye after nearly 3 weeks travelling together and we've had lots of fun. So am now on own again, am sure it won't be for long and into Cambodia tomorrow for my last country!!

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