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our view from the balcony


james shows us how its done!

a huge grasshopper tried to use my leg as a jumping off...

the sign that enticed us in!

Jeffrey's Bay

James enjoying another steak!!

our view this morning

Hi guys

Jeffrey's bay has been absolutly fantastic (and a lethal shopping trap!). We splashed out on our own double room (we are back to dorm beds again here in South Africa) after it was recommended by a couple we met in Kruger park and man were they right!

The doubles were in a separate beach house, right on the beach! Every moring we looked out of our patio doors to see a beautiful stretch of white sand which was totally deserted and listened to the crashing waves. While we had a cuppa on the balcony a seal came every moring to play in the surf right outside! Mind you he wasn't there on the last morning, we hope he didn't get eaten by a shark!!!

It was really perfect. The town itself was quite small but it is steadily growing due to its name as one of the top 10 surfing spots in the world. As a result the big brand name clothing shops assocoiated with surfing (ripcurl, billabong and quiksilver) all have factory outlet shops here. Oh was that a mistake for us! We love their clothes and now our back packs will not close and we are carrying around 3 extra plastic bags, on top of our ruck sacks and day packs!!! Glad we only have 3 weeks to go otherwise we will have been 3ft shorter by the time we get home!

Apart from shopping, we had to give the surf a whirl. We rented a surfboard and wet suits (it might be hot and sunny on land but it is still winter here and the sea is about 1'C above freezing!) and tried it out. James is getting better all the time and has managed to stand up a few times now, I on the other hand got up to standing on my knees before I repeatadly took a face first dive into the crashing waves!!!

James decided that we wern't surfing the right waves but we had been at it long enough and got out but we will return to it somewhere else, its really fun.

Oh yeah another thing about South Africa, the wine!!! Me and James are now offically wino's after swapping a beer for the bottle!

They really do have nice wine here, and it's sooooooo cheap! There is a huge wine growing region further south which we will be doing a tour of later on, But for now we are content having a glass with our tea! Only thing is this glass is rapidly turning into a bottle each and it is hardly touching the sides! Thats it..... offical wino's!

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