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Tidal Bore at Truro - the wave is coming in FAST, over...

Big city - nice Costco! They have pizza...unlike Quebec and Nova Scotia. But of course they also have Poutine!

This part of the country seems to like eating Dulse also. It's dried red seaweed. I tried it at a Farmer's Market and about gagged.

I posted a picture here of the Tidal Bore we watched at Truro. The birds in the picture were interesting. They are feeding and don't want to miss a minute - they wait until the wave overtakes them. And it moves very fast - filled the entire section of the river in front of us in less than 5 minutes. There were dozens of people watching - like a sporting event. And that happens twice a day, every day. They have streetlights to light up the nighttime ones. What a hoot!

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