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Cabot Trail - HIghway in afternoon

Cabot Landing Provincial Park

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Ancien Combattants

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Long and winding road

The wind was fierce today but that did not stop the black flies from swarming over you as soon as you went outside. Awoke to fog and drizzle so decided to drive up the Cabot Trail to Meat Cove - the most northerly point of Nova Scotia - and accessible only on a gravel/rutted road. Thought we were back on the Top of the World Highway in the Yukon. I guess gravel roads are the same everywhere.

Took a lot of photos because the light was so changeable; first it was gray and then sunny. The seas were also incredibly rough with huge rollers being whipped into a frenzy by the wind. I loved it!!!!

The drive was long though...125 miles round trip. We did take a 40 minute walk along a lovely sandy beach at Cabot Landing Provincial Park. This location is supposedly where John Sebastian Cabot made landfall to explore Canada but, I'm not sure how anyone really knows that. While on the beach, we found a skeleton. Of course, Bob wanted to know if I could see a wedding ring - he's too funny. But, it appears it was some animal of good size.

For our motorcycle friends...you MUST come ride the Cabot Trail especially if you enjoy steep climbs, long winding roads and sharp curves. NOT for our RV friends though. See the photos I attached - I picked several that would give you an idea of the route. Along the way, there are exhibits in pullouts and many viewpoints with spectacular views. We stopped at the Monument aux Ancien Combattants (Veterans Memorial) to honor Bob of course.

The beach was every bit as lovely as anything in the Caribbean but obviously much colder. It was a classic half-moon shape with tall cliffs defining the curve at each end. We saw sanderlings, semi-palmated plovers and four black-bellied plovers. First shore/wading birds we have seen other than gulls and cormorants.

Had dinner at Gabriel's in Cheticamp. They were offering some traditional French fare such as poutine; French fries covered in cheese and gravy. They also had meat and pork pies. We both had scallops. I resisted the Coquille St. Jacques and opted for sautéed. Bob had fried. I ruined my effort to "be good" after substituting a salad for the potatos by ordering cheesecake. So much for dropping the pounds before Bob's 40th reunion in October.

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