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All in one day we travelled 3 states. Why? Well I started getting anxious about time. I want to be up in New England in time for the fall leaves and we need to get through New England and back by December.

At first we thought we would travel all around the border of West Virginia ending at Harpers Ferry. Harpers Ferry is, apparently, a significant pre-civil war town.

We travelled form TN to Waynesville Virginia and then up to Charleston, West Virginia. A beautiful drive with the Appalachian Moutains all around us. It's easy to see why Jon Denver wrote the song "Country Roads" with the lyrics: Almost heaven, West Virginia... It really is beautiful.

Trev had had enough of KOA's for a while and wanted to go to a State Park again and so we headed for Kanawha State Forest just outside the city centre. Wow, what a beautiful campground. The bathrooms were a little yuck but the rest of is really beautiful. The whole park has tared roads and the kids had a ball riding to the top of the hills and freewheeling down.

The following day we decided to take a drive into town and of course we got lost. We wanted to see a movie and go to Walmart but because we never have street maps for each area we go to we end up driving around trying to figure out where to go or asking directions. Very frustrating.

We found the movies and went to see the new Mr Bean. I do not love Mr Bean. I think Rowan Atkinson should have stuck to his dark sense of humour and kept on with Black Adder but the kids love him and Trev laughed so much the last time he watched Mr Bean, with tears streaming down his face,that I sat watching Trev instead of the movie. The kids do not rate this movie highly and Trev says he didn't really enjoy it at all. i thought there were some funny bits. We then stumbled upon the Charleston annual regatta. The kids enjoyed playing some of the games and Trev and I people watched. Quite interesting. After that we thought we had better get back to camp for dinner.(We are trying to stay in the habit of cooking 90% of our meals. It's not easy when you're constantly on the road.)On our way back we were stopped by a local official who told us that our route back to the campground would be closed until later because there was to be a big fireworks display.

"When are they starting?" asked Trev

"In about 10" came the reply.

Now for the South African's: In West Virginia it's hard to tell wether the people are speaking english. They have very strong accents and don't understand us SA's at all.

The younger two kids really wanted to see the fireworks. What's 10 minutes, right. Hmmm

It was 7:30 when that gentleman told us "10". After sitting on the grass for 2 hours we asked a passerby what time the fireworks were starting. "10 o'clock" It was already 9:30. I know because I mentioned to Trev that I had read somewhere in the campground rules that if your were going to later than 10pm you should get a key to get back into the campsite area. "I'm sure they won't lock it tonight with this going on." says Trev.

The fireworks were amazing. The best I've ever seen. At one time there were so many going off I thought the sound would stop my heart beating. The earth was shaking.

Once it was finished we manged to negotiate our way through the traffic back to the bridge, over the bridge, along the mountian pass to our campground to arrive at the locked gate at exactly 11:30 pm.

This is an abbreviated form of the conversation that followed:

"It's locked," says Trev.

"Yip" says I.

"Do you have the telephone numbers of the rangers?" says Trev

"No" says I.

"Do you want to walk? It's about 6 or 7 miles to the site." says Trev

"No" says I.

"Well, we'll just have to sleep here, in the car."

Silence from me. Incredulous moaning from children especially Shan.

I didn't have much more to say at that stage so I kept quiet....that is until Trev started looking sleepy eyed while I was sitting bolt upright. I cannot sleep sitting up, or in a car or in an airplane. I had visions of being awake all night.

"I'm not sleeping in the car!" I say.

"Well, you're the one that doesn't want to walk."

Hmmmm .........

Some verbal arguing and mud slinging.

"We will walk" I say not realising that by saying that I was calling Trev's bluff. Definate stalling behaviour from Trev.It was only the next morning I realised that it was Trev that didn't want to walk.

As luck would have it a very kind southern gentleman pulled out of his mammas driveway and stopped to help us strangers by asking his mamma if she would kindly call the the park manager. It was already midnight by the time the call got put through. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that the manager was more than a little irritated with us but we didn't care. We just wanted our beds.

The rest of our time there is a bit of a jumble in my memory now. I know we spent the one day cleaning the RV in the morning with the boys doing the laundry and in the afternoon we played a game of Monopoly and braaing/grilling steaks.

Yesterday our plan was to go to Greenbrier River, West Virginia and spend a few days exploring caverns and hiking. On our way we needed to stop at Walmart, we hadn't managed to find it in Charleston yet.

Hmmm...Lets just say things didn't go as planned

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