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One of the thatched cottages of Adare

Angela takes her Mum shopping

The former Trinitarian Monastery.

The high altar

Angela gives her Mum's campervan the once over

Friday, 31 August.

End of the month, almost at the halfway point, lots of long, busy days behind - probably time for a break! This visit with Angela's mum is pretty short - we'll be off again tomorrow - so it is a very timely opportunity to just chill out a bit. We slept in for a while, had a leisurely breakfast and then went off to nearby Adare for a stroll around this very picturesque village.

It was showering, but that didn't prevent us from enjoying this delightful village. The trip also gave Marie, the opportunity to see some thatched cottages - now a rarity, even in Ireland - and take a look around the almost 800 year-old church, which was developed from the old Trinitrian Monastery. I really like this church, because, while it lacks the grand elegance - almost opulence - of the churches we saw in Italy, it is still beautiful in an understated way.

The afternoon was spent with a drive around the local countryside and general family time, which I won't go into here. Suffice to say we had a very relaxing day and thoroughly enjoyed the chance for us catch up with Mary and Jim.

Until next time, "slán abhaile". Marie, Angela and Ray.

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