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Nice of some of these visitor information centers to provide RV parking and free wireless internet!

We'll stay in this town for the day waiting for the incoming high tide later this afternoon. This is a tidal bore spot, where the tide rushes up a river growing ever narrower, forcing the water into a huge wave, sometimes as high as 9 feet, covering its last stretch in about an hour. You can raft the wave here but the picture I found of the experience shows the rafters getting soaking wet in the process. Even though today is a nice, sunny day, trees are beginning to turn color here and the nights are cool and the water looks cold, so we'll content ourselves with watching the tidal bore and the rafters from safely on shore.

While we wait, we'll have this free internet, a concert in a nice park, and Gregg just walked over to the Atlantic Superstore to replenish our stock of maple flavored smoked salmon. Life is good!

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