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Ferry to Nova Scotia with front slid open


Wood Island PEI lighthouse

Caribou, Nova Scotia lighthouse

View of Lighthouses from Ferry, PEI

I wonder if mice can swim? We (Bob) captured Mickey and Minnie in these "humane" traps that are like little tunnels. We put peanut butter at the end of the trap (Reese's of course) and the other end is propped open. When the mousie goes in to get the peanut butter at the other end, the trap closes. Bob, the "ancien combattant", is so proud of himself!

My favorite sign of the trip thus far is the "Ancien Combattant" highway. Of course, that means "veterans" in French but somehow, ancien combattant(literally the ancient combatant), describes Bob so much better.

The rug has dried. The refrigerator/freezer is working really well as a cooler. With three bags of ice, we get more than a day's worth of cold for the refrigerated stuff - and the thermometer is registering 39-41 degrees so that is perfect. Gee, this roughin' it is simple - but messy.

A final word about Prince Edward Island. For those of you who ride motorcycles, this would be a perfect destination. The island is only 171 miles long and there are bed and breakfasts everywhere. The terrain is rolling but not too twisty. The scenes are bucolic; everywhere there is water with red sand beaches and potato fields reaching to the sea. Lovely, really quiet, "the gentle island" lives up to its name. If you are looking for action - other than kayaking, beach walking, fishing - forget PEI. But, if you want to see really beautiful churches with weathervanes on top of each and working fishing villages, this is the place for you.

We took the ferry from Wood Islands, PEI to Caribou, Nova Scotia today. It was a blustery day but sunny and bright. The ferry was really neat. The entire front/back of the ferry simply slid up to open and they parked the cars in an underneath hold with the larger vehicles and the motorcycles up top. We were the "first" in line so got onto the mid-level and were parked right up against the end - so literally, if there was a bump of any kind, we would actually have been the first ones out of the front.

We took Dixie out of the coach and put her on the leash and kept her on the outside deck. What a hit!!!! Bob refers to her as his personal "chick magnet" because just about everyone in her vicinity wanted to pet her. Wait til you see the photo of the little boy that wanted to hug her. What a cute kid and he had good taste in doggies.

We are staying at the Glenview RV park in Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia. It is the first private campground we have stayed in for more than ten days. A lot of seasonal spots and tiny spaces. We are wedged in here with no view of anything. We were spoiled by the provincial parks. The provincial parks in PEI were really really nice. We understand the Nova Scotia ones are not as nice nor do they have services like we were used to. We'll see. Tomorrow we are heading to Cape Breton National Park for several days.

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