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A beach stop at last! And definitely needed after all the hardcore shopping over the past few days. Nha Trang is a popular holiday spot for the Vietnamese (some compare it with Blackpool, but that is a bit harsh i think - i really liked it!) However, it did happen to be a public holiday the weekend we were here and so was absolutely packed with Vietnamese holidaymakers. A bit annoying for us as all prices for hotels and tours went up, but was also good as we mixed with and met a lot of the locals - makes a nice change from just being with other backpackers all the time.

So we spent a couple of days chilling out on the beach and we had some sun at last. We did a daytrip out on a boat around some nearby islands & went snorkelling too. The boat trip turned out to be a bit of a party boat - the crew suddenly turned into the "Nha Trang boyband" and sang for us & made us get up and dance - was hilarious. We then all swam out to a floating bar in the sea - loads of fun although shame about the rancid grape wine they were giving out!

There were mainly Vietnamese on the boat, but so funny as they hate being in the sun so much, they all stayed fully dressed under cover and won't go up on the deck or in the water. (Bit pointless to me as to why they went on a boat trip, but in true Asian style they of course loved the singing and karaoke!) They are all so light skinned here and hate to tan (people in Laos & Thailand are noticeably much darker) It's funny seeing the women walking around - long sleeve jumpers, jeans, closed shoes, big hats, gloves up to the elbow and full face masks - you can only see their eyes! Don't know how they cope in this heat!! And all to stay as white as possible. They think we are crazy wanting to tan and be brown. I was explaining to a local girl about our sunbeds at home and we actually pay to use machines that make us brown...she looked at me like i was a nutter, didn't believe me at all and thought i was lying!

So a great day followed by a great night at a big beach party for Independence Day - they put on shows, fire dancers, DJ's etc... and then followed lots of rain, dancing on the beach and as usual far too many drinks! Brilliant night though!

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