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Well, it was bound to happen. Today/last night was the day/night from hell. Our refrigerator inside the coach croaked. Needless to say, we were unable to find anyone to even look at it - all anyone would say was: "take it out and turn it upside down for 24 hours". Needless to say, that is much easier said than done especially since they put the refrigerator in before they put the doors in. We think you would have to actually take it out through the window. So that is out of the question and probably not a good idea anyway.

It is not working either on propane or electric so that is not good. We both were up around 3:00 worrying about what was going on. We had some ice and managed to keep things pretty cold until we could get more ice and buy a cooler. I put everything into the freezer that needed to keep cold until we got the cooler. Unfortunately, when I opened the freezer, an entire carton of eggs - one dozen to be exact - fell on the floor and everyone broke on the floor. Thankfully, not the rug though. But what an incredible mess to clean up.

Meanwhile, the good news was that the basement freezer is working fine so we saved all of the frozen stuff from the inside and put it in there.

In the midst of all of that, the Mouse or mice - who knows? Last night we could hear some rustling around so, thinking that we would have a mouse in the glue traps we set, we were feeling rather smug. Unfortunately, we did not catch the mouse in the glue traps. Instead, I had to clean out every single pantry shelf because, when I went to get some oatmeal for breakfast, it started pouring all over the floor - after I had cleaned up the eggs. When I started taking other stuff out of the pantry, needless to say I discovered that the mousie had chewed through just about everything that wasn't boxed. For example, he/she/they ate through the plastic and paper bags of the microwave popcorn and spilled popcorn all over. He ate a hole in the Craisins, oatmeal bag, the Splenda brown sugar bag and the cruelest cut of all....the brownies. What a mess!!!!!

So, after cleaning up the crap, trying to figure out what was wrong with the frig. and generally being resigned to having to actually "camp" using coolers etc...we took off for Panmure Island Provincial Park on the Eastern shore of the island. It is a holiday weekend here too but we managed to get a site that overlooks both St. Mary's bay, and beyond the lighthouse that is directly in our line of vision, a causeway over which we can see the Northumberland Strait.

The weather was OK/marginal most of the day too. By 4:30, it started to rain quite heavily so we didn't get to do anything but bitch and moan all day. Good thing we didn't get lost or a divorce might have been in the offing. Of course, Bob appreciated the fact that when we got the cooler, and I put the ice in it, I also put several beers in there to chill while we were traveling - even before transferring other things. That put a smile on his face.

We are staying another night here and hope to kayak tomorrow but they are predicting rain until the afternoon and then northerly winds gusting to about 32 miles per hour.

May not be a good day to kayak so we'll probably just visit the lighthouse.

Tomorrow will be better - couldn't get worse.

No photos today.

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