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Best boondocking ever

Oyster Pond Jeddore swimming lake

A beautiful Nova Scotia morning - notice the moon reflected in the...

Gregg has been searching for the ideal boondocking spot for the past month and found it here, in the town of Oyster Pond Jeddore. It was right along our highway, at a tiny community park and swimming spot, at the overflow of a fresh water lake. It couldn't have been more idyllic! But there was more - loons calling their loon-y sounds at sunset and a neighbor stopping by to chat because he winters in Arizona and saw our license plates. So typical of these friendly Canadians. He said he would have invited us out on his boat if he'd noticed us there earlier. The village kids were swimming off the rafts and a floating pier all afternoon while Gregg biked around the area and I got to check out the shops and galleries up the highway. In the morning, the tide had gone out from the overflow pond so there was a nice waterfall right next to us. There was a light mist over the entire lake and pond, the full moon setting and reflecting onto the pond. The only thing that could have made it more perfect is if the wireless internet signal that we were picking up that night had been just a little stronger!

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