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Your International Costco reporters are back. All the winter gear is out in Halifax - coats, sweaters, hockey sticks and Christmas stuff. Seems funny in August! No pizza or Polish dogs here. They offer the very Canadian fries with gravy and also Poutine, a Canadian favorite we've seen on menus all over. I'd asked one time what it was and the waiter told me it's fries smothered in cheese and covered with gravy, guaranteed to raise cholesterol levels. I finally tried Poutine here - couldn't resist when I finally came to realize that the cheese they use is cheese curds - Yum, one of my favorite foods - and they have an actual trophy for the best Poutine in Halifax! It was HUGE and delicious but it's my last one for fear a second one would clog my arteries and be the death of me. The samples were good but no chocolate covered blueberries like the Quebec City Costco had. Darn! No fresh blueberries either even though it is wild blueberry season here right now. At least they speak English here!

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